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The 2020 Whitegold International Ceramic prize will be awarded to excellent projects that enable convivial community interactions through their engagement with food and clay.

AWARDS: Quartz, £10,000   Feldspar, £5,000

Deadline: MIDNIGHT 29th FEB 2020

The prize is open to artists and artist collectives from across the world including collaborations between artists, cooks, brewers and food producers.

Artists, partnerships or collectives are invited to submit two recent projects that demonstrate their work with the inter-relationships of people, clay, soil and food. The Whitegold 2020 jury will then select five artists or groups to develop a proposal for a community project in St Austell that brings clay, food and people together in a convivial way.

They are looking for art, craft and design using clay that combines environmental sustainability with creativity and welcome work that relates to cooking, eating, drinking, for creating a festive and sociable environment, ceramics for growing and even works that consider clay as a part of the soil and our life cycle. They are interested in environmentally friendly farming practices, in foraging, in locally and collectively grown produce as well as culinary delights that consider food miles, fairtrade and co-operative production.

Artists, partnerships or collectives selected for the second stage will be invited to propose a new project that involves working with a given community group in St Austell. Projects should have convivial social interactions at their heart and be clear about the ways in which they will bring people together to share skills, food and stories. Projects that have the potential to be sustained and developed by community groups after the festival are especially welcome.

The Whitegold jurors will review these five new proposals and select two finalists who will be allocated a budget of £2,500 each to produce and complete their project to coincide with the Whitegold Festival on 19th September 2020.

The Whitegold jurors will be invited to the Festival to experience the final outcomes and will work with the local community to make the final decision about who will win the Quartz award and who will get Feldspar.

For more information please visit the Whitegold website:

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